About Us

Since its establishment in 2005, Nazeer Foundation has focused on the societal uplift and wellbeing of those most in need. Its main focus is eradicating poverty through education outside the villages in Karachi, Pakistan and contributing to relief efforts worldwide.
The foundation has contributed to relief efforts in Kashmir, earthquakes in Pakistan, the global tsunami crises, the Bangladesh floods, the UNICEF effort for Darfur children, the Indonesian floods and earthquake in Haiti, as well as providing assistance to the Red Cross.

Currently, Nazeer Foundation is coordinating relief efforts for flood victims in Pakistan. With the funds donated, the organization will be able to help support a tent city in Kathore (Sindh, Pakistan), set up medical tents with treatment, provide immediate humanitarian relief, and repair damaged homes.

These efforts provide hope and sustenance to those most in need and they are a source of pride for Nazeer Foundation’s team of administrators and donors alike.”
Additionally, we are continuing to expand our project in Qasimabad near Shah Latif Town by the name of “Behjat Academy”. Behjat Academy is aimed to deliver quality education to the young minds of this remote town of Karachi.

While a nominal fee is requested to those that can afford, we recognize that the majority of the children in this area cannot afford to pay. Behjat Academy is open for all children and with your donations, we are going to ensure these children are not turned away from the bright future they are destined to see.

Please support Nazeer Foundation to make this another success as we have succeeded with our projects in the past. When making a donation through PayPal, just mention Behjat Academy in the comment section so we can allocate your donations accordingly.